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Paid Social spend is at an all time high and is still growing, but with this come significant industry level challenges that are prohibiting effectiveness

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A privacy-centric world makes measurement significantly more challenging for businesses to justify investment in paid social


Talent Gap

Whilst paid social is taking a more prominent role in the marketing mix, historical lack of investment in talent has contributed to talent shortages.

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Platforms are becoming more automated and taking control away from media buyers, which is bringing new challenges to specialists.

Do any of these sound familiar?

“Finding reliable specialised talent in paid social is hard”

“We don’t have a clear direction for our paid social”

“We have no idea if our paid social is effective or not”

“We don’t have the internal expertise to upskill our team”

“We want to offer paid social as a service but don’t know where to start”


Automated ad platforms have a low barrier to entry but are designed to capture the lowest hanging fruit and get you the most results in the short term.

Automation should be embraced but not relied upon.

Eventually, the low hanging fruit gets harder to reach and you need to look elsewhere for growth.

But where do you look?

That’s where we come in.

Find out how we can help you transform your paid social. Ready for an adventure?

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